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How would you like to be legally be able to post the following or something like it on the front door of your business and home!


 This Business, And My Home Is Protected 

By A NASA Based Technology That Has Been 

Designed to Enhance The Safety And Protection

of Families, Employees, Patrons and Pets

This Is The Only Technology Available in 

Products Proven to Reduce Over 99.9% 

Viruses, Mold And SARS-CoV-2, (the 

virus that causes COVID-19).  It is

effective on Both Surfaces 

and in the Air


Look for

"The Little Black Box!" 


Copy & Paster Into Your Browser

(Total time for all is about 15 M)


Need more Proof! 




“the Colonel”

Carlton L. Dowdy, U. S. Army, (Ret.)


Dowdy Financial, Inc

Health & Wellness Consultant

P. O. BOX 689 Long Beach, Ca 90801- 0689

Contact us! / Ph/Text: 714-273-5223 


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