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"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, 

you will work until you die" - Warren Buffett


"Let Us Help You Find The Millionaire

Within You!" - "the Colonel" 



We are a group of home-based business owners who have found what we (Thousands and Thousands of Us), believe is a better way! Not only are we providing products and services to people around the world; but, we do it all from home or while traveling around the world!  


Our Business does not require employees to do any packaging, wrap, or commuting. Our commute is usually further than to the kitchen or bathroom! We are what you might call middle-of-the-road operators. We offer proven products and services to people (who often don't know that those products or services exist), arrange for delivery, and get paid!


Some of us build a team of networkers; others offer products and services and are paid only for their personal efforts. The choice is yours! 


Please take a few minutes to review each of the different Business plans our team members are doing. Rest assured that whichever plan you decide to invest your time in, there will be a team of people who will be there to provide you with additional training, support, and assistance from day one):


Plan A  /  Plan B   Plan C  


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Randy J. Dowdy 

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Additional Services We Offer: 


GODOWDY.NET/RV4RENT / My son and I just listed our 2021 Coachmen Cross Trail Recreational Vehicle, (RV) for rent. You can learn more about our Coachmen Cross Trail at (copy & paste all URLs into your browser):


You can view her as well as rent her at: 


PS: My son will be devastated if I don't add a plug for his two stand-alone businesses. 

MRCBA.ORG / Our greatest strength is providing individuals with the tools that support, motivate, and encourage great potential. We align ourselves with professionals who will work alongside you and your family to make a lasting difference. Visit Us: MRCBA.ORG


THESNEAKERTEMPLE.COM / My son says that he has whatever you are looking for in the sneaker world, or he can find them. So check him out @ THESNEAKERTEMPLE.COM / Be advised:  Most of his wares are in high demand!  Tell him I sent you!  

Rooms For Rent!  - We occasionally have a room or two for Rent in Anaheim and Carson, Ca. Usually, my tenants are long-termer’s, but life happens, and one of them moves out once in a while! The best solution is to contact me and see if I have any openings! Both houses are in an ultra-quiet area and close to local transportation and everything else you may need! Contact Us!

Contact Us!

Email: / Ph: 714-273-5223



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